Subject Specialist Advisors

MEDEV has established a network of (unpaid) thematic subject specialist advisors (SSAs) across medical, dental and veterinary schools in the UK. These SSAs have kindly agreed to represent and advise the subject centre. SSAs represent specific themes (such as policy development, assessment, clinical or communication skills, staff development, etc.). Many are from the host institution, for practical reasons. We are grateful to our SSAs for their ongoing advice and contribution to our work.

Betsy Anagnostelis
Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust
Elizabeth Anderson
Senior Lecturer in Shared Learning
University of Leicester
Jill Anderson
Senior Project Development Officer
University of Cumbria
Sarah Baillie
Senior Lecturer
Royal Veterinary College
Roger Barton
Professor of Clinical Medicine, Director of Medical Studies
Newcastle University
Michael Begg
eLearning Manager
University of Edinburgh
Mairead Boohan
Medical Education Unit
Queen's University Belfast
Katharine Boursicot
Head of Assessment
St George's, University of London
Jennifer Cleland
Lead, Medical Education Research
University of Aberdeen
Simon Cotterill
Learning Technology Projects Manager
Newcastle University
David Davies
Associate Professor (Reader)
University of Warwick
Reg Dennick
University of Nottingham
Tim Denning
VLE Project Manager
Keele University
Nisha Dogra
Professor of Psychiatry educationa dn consultant in child and adolsecent psychiatry
University of Leicester
Lesley-Jane Eales-Reynolds
University Director, Learning & Teaching and Pedagogic Research
University of Westminster
Rachel Ellaway
Assistant Dean Informatics
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Paul Flecknell
Newcastle University
Martin Fugill
Cardiff University
Sarah Gull
University of Cambridge
Alex Haig
ePortfolio Project Manager
NHS Education for Scotland (NES)
Neil Hamilton
University of Aberdeen
Marilyn Hammick
Other - Freelance Consultant
Geoffrey Hammond
Head of School of Medical Sciences Education Development
Newcastle University
Judy Harris
Professorial Teaching Fellow
University of Bristol
Faith Hill
University Director of Education
University of Southampton
Kwansuree Jiamton
Technology and Learning Manager
King's College London
Brian Lunn
Senior Lecturer
Newcastle University
Christine Macpherson
Assistant Director
Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA)
Tony McDonald
Director, Learning Technologies for Medical Sciences
Newcastle University
Jane McHarg
Associate Professor in Dental Education and Year 1 Lead
Plymouth University
Jean McKendree
Senior Lecturer in Medical Education
Hull York Medical School
Judy McKimm
Dean and Professor of Medical Education
Swansea University
Christopher Megone
Professor of Philosophy
University of Leeds
Elizabeth Miles
Senior Lceturer, Teaching & Learning Staff Development
St George's, University of London
Clare Morris
Associate Dean Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Postgraduate Medical School
University of Bedfordshire
Paul O'Neill
Project Director/Professor of Med Education
University of Manchester
Andrea Owen
c/o MSC AA
University of Manchester
Pauline Pearson
Deputy Director CETL
Newcastle University
Edward Peile
Emeritus Professor of Medical Education
University of Warwick
Nicola Pender
Chief Executive Officer
Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME)
Terry Poulton
Associate Dean of e-Learning and Educational Technology
St George's, University of London
Muriel Pringle
School Manager
Newcastle University
Paul Probyn
Head of Academic Development
Royal Veterinary College
Susan Rhind
Director of Veterinary Teaching
University of Edinburgh
Trudie Roberts
Director, Leeds Institute of Medical Education
University of Leeds
Alastair Robertson
Head of Policy and Partnerships, Scotland
Higher Education Academy
Michael Ross
Programme Director, MSc Clinical Education
University of Edinburgh
John Spencer
Newcastle University
Patsy Stark
(Emeritus) Professor of Clinical Education
University of Leeds
Moira Stewart
Senior Lecturer and Consultant Paediatrician
Queen's University Belfast
John Sweet
visiting academic
University of Bedfordshire
Malcolm Teague
NHS-HE Coordinator
Damien Walmsley
Professor of Restorative Dentistry
University of Birmingham
Donal Walsh
Editor Veterinary Education Interntioanl (Web site underconsrtuction)
University of California, Davis
Dorothy Whittington
ex Board Director & Trustee;
University of Ulster
Richard Young
Professional Development Manager
Newcastle University
MEDEV, School of Medical Sciences Education Development,
Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, NE2 4HH