Re-imagining open education, published works and social media

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Two of the current UKOER learning and teaching projects, PublishOER and Great Writers Inspire (see below), are working with publishers and published content to re-imagine the provision of high quality education in the context of today's digital access, social media and socially constructed learning.

HEFCE, the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) and Higher Education Academy (HEA) have sponsored a range of 'open' initiatives such as 'open educational resources' and 'managing (access to original) research data' in the UK in the last 3-4 years.

PublishOER is a collaboration of involving Newcastle University, Elsevier, Rightscom, JISC Collections and the Royal Veterinary College (with support from University of Nottingham) seeking new UK policy frameworks and business models for embedding third party published works in open educational resources (

Great Writers Inspire, Oxford University, aims to create/assemble a substantial new body of open content with a literary theme (focused on engaging new students) grouped around a set of specific writers and thematic collections, curated by subject specialists and steered and evaluated by the demands of the subject community ( and

Both projects have exceeded expectations for involving partners and students in all aspects of the educational process, and Elsevier have been exceptional in supporting new ideas for authoring and publishing.

The end-of-project conference is planned to be a celebration of the outcomes of the two projects and open access in general, with presentations from students and others, with time for workshops and audience participation.


This conference aims to bring together participants interested in sharing ideas about how open education, high quality published content and social media / socially constructed learning can co-exist and complement each other to create new paradigms for learning.

It aims to tackle barriers and dogma about the role of learners and learning, and to find benefits-led approaches to solutions.


This conference will contain one-two keynote presentations, short 'rapid fire' presentations (sound bites), and workshop style break out sessions. The rapid fire sessions will cover case studies and exemplars developed as part of the two projects, social media, technical, policy, apps and mobile access, collaborative writing, etc. Exhibitors will also be invited to attend.

Kate Lindsay (University of Oxford), Amber Thomas (JISC), David Tempest (Elsevier) and Mark Moran (Director, Vets in Business Limited, and In Practice Learning Limited) have kindly agreed to present. 

The full programme is available. 

09:45 Arrival and refreshments

10:15 Welcome and introduction by Peter Robinson (Great Writers Inspire) and Megan Quentin-Baxter (PublishOER) video link1 videolink2 videolink3

10:25 UK OER programme and where we are today: Amber Thomas (JISC) video link

10:35 Keynote presentation: Re-imagining the First World War: open education and knowledge exchange, Kate Lindsay (University of Oxford) video link

11:05 Rapid fire session (short presentations)

11:30 Breakout (participant engagement) video link

12:30 Lunch

13:40 Keynote presentation: The changing art of publishing, David Tempest (Elsevier) video link video questions

14.00 Rapid fire session (short presentations) (video link)

14.20 Activity / task (participant engagement)

15:40 Keynote presentation: Reusing published content in high quality multimedia and some implications for the future of higher education, Mark Moran (Vets in Business Limited, and In Practice Learning Limited) video link

16.00 Close

Proposed outcomes

Upskill participants with the latest knowledge of combining digital teaching and learning materials, open education, and high quality published content:

  • Signpost sources of knowledge and content
  • Link with libraries, museum collections and archives
  • Illustrate how social media can be used in new ways
  • Learn some policy rules of engagement with third party content
  • Ownership, licencing and risk

Facilitator background

Your hosts

Peter Robinson

Peter is Manager of Great Writers Inspire, Oxford University. He works as manager of the Oxford on iTunes U project and supervises a team of learning technologists at Oxford University’s central Computing Services. He is an experienced multimedia developer and has 14 years experience working on a variety of ICT projects with academics at the University. 

He has led a number of successful Open Content projects at Oxford beginning with "Open Spires" which has released over 1,500 lectures and interviews since 2009. He regularly trains staff on audio and video creation and teaches on the Masters degree in e-learning. Peter has recently had the pleasure of listening to many, many hours of Oxford audio lectures in podcast format as he cycles to work. 


Megan Quentin-Baxter

Megan is the Director of PublishOER, and Professor of Health Professions Education at Newcastle University. She is an active member of teaching staff in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle University, serving on Student Progress Committee, University Digital Rights Group and Faculty Regs and Approvals. She works closely with and for the JISC and the Higher Education Academy. She is a member of ASME educational research group and has led major OER projects in the UK including OOER, PORSCHE, ACTOR, PublishOER, working with Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies and Subject Associations and 'OER International'. Megan is interested in creating enablers and promoting risk-managed approaches to sharing in higher education. She has worked with Naomi Korn on copyright interpretation for learning, and the FRRIICT group in relation to ethics in research.


Keynote speakers

Amber Thomas

Amber is a Programme Manager in the Digital Infrastructure team within JISC Innovation. This role is about understanding current practice, identifying good practice, recognising constraints and risks, and designing and delivering interventions that will improve outcomes for UK Universities. For the last few years she has overseen the Jorum national repository She holds the brief within JISC for digital infrastructure for learning materials and was the programme manager leading the OER Rapid Innovation projects designed to meet key use cases around open educational content.

Kate Lindsay

Kate LindsayKate Lindsay is Manager of Engagement at Academic IT Services,   University of Oxford. She has led a series of high profile educational technology projects in the areas of digitisation, e-content, community collections, crowdsourcing and open education. She also provides consultancy to the University in the use of digital technologies for public engagement. Kate has directed a series of award-winning projects on the First World War that have involved community collaborations, open publishing and innovative social media initiatives. She is currently Director of the Wold War I Centenary: Continuations and Beginnings OER project that through Open Publishing and creative remixing of OER aims to support a reappraisal of this historical event.

David Tempest

David Tempest is Universal Access Team Leader at Elsevier in the UK. His role involves working on the development of a wide range of strategies and implementation of access initiatives. In addition, David acts as a key contact between Elsevier and funding organisations, universities and research institutions around the world. He has worked at Elsevier for over 16 years, having previously in both editorial and marketing positions and spent the majority of his career managing the scientometric research and market analysis department within the company.

David is a frequent presenter at various events around the world. His main subject is speaking about the development of new universal access initiatives and technologies, as well as publishing matters in general – the publishing industry, the development of journals and future technologies.

David has a BSc in pharmacology from the University of Sunderland and an MBA with distinction from Oxford Brookes University.

Mark Moran

Mark has been a consultant to the veterinary profession for the last 11 years, having previously had more than 15 years senior management experience with leading “Blue Chip” organisations.  He is a director of Vets in Business Limited, where he provides business mentoring and support for partners and practice managers, as well as delivering ViB’s management training courses.  He has a special interest in helping practices to improve their patient’s compliance to veterinary recommendations.

He is Project Director for In Practice Learning Limited, where he has had 12 years experience of developing and delivering flexible learning with the BTEC award in Veterinary Practice Client Care, a nationally accredited distance learning program for veterinary staff.

He has also been part of the team working with Elsevier on the development of The Saunders Solutions for Vets award winning online interactive e-learning tools for veterinary practitioners and managers (, initially as an author, and latterly having responsibility for both the educational and instructional design.

email: website:

Target audience

The target audience for this conference will be wide. Although one project is from the arts and the other from health/science we believe that the disciplinary interplay will increase the creativity of the day. 

If you are generally interested in new media, mashing up old and new, especially doing new things with published works and museum/library archives, then this is for you. It will appeal to academic / teaching staff, professional work based educators, HE managers and policy makers, support staff, students, those interested in or with responsibility for copyright, consent, etc., commercial organisations such as publishers or national charities, etc. 

It is free to attend and places are strictly limited. 

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Venue & Location

The Hatton, etc. Venues, Farringdon, London


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