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Organising open educational resources (OOER)

The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) and the Higher Education Academy collaborated on phase one of the Open Educational Resources (OER) Programme. The Higher Education ...

Authors: Mr Lindsay Wood; Ms Suzanne Hardy;

Everyone should use Creative Commons open licences on their work

The OOER project(1) was funded by HEFCE and administered by the Academy and JISC. One of the recommendations was that people considering releasing or ...

Authors: Mr Lindsay Wood; Ms Suzanne Hardy;

Visual evidence within the science classroom: a pedagogical look at scientific images

We all regularly use visual evidence in our teaching and dissemination. Indeed, the sciences as a whole are largely dependant on visual means of communication ...

Authors: Ms Bruna Gushurst-Moore;

PLATO: a single elearning platform for doctors in training in Wales

In order to meet the educational challenges of Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) and the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) the Postgraduate Deanery Wales set up ...

Authors: Dr Peter Donnelly; Mr Paul Kirk; Mr Joel Benson; Prof. Derek Gallen;

Open educational resources in simulation learning

Between April 2009 and April 2010, JISC and the Academy funded pilot projects and activities that support the open release of learning resources OER); for ...

Authors: Dr Patricia McKellar;

Open educational resources in biosciences

The UK Centre for Bioscience is one of 17 subject centres involved in the subject strand of the Open Educational Resources (OER) phase 1 pilot ...

PHORUS: public health open resources in the university sector

Over the last 12 months, a team of Public Health specialists has been investigating the enablers and barriers to the release of open educational resources ...

Virtual patients and learning

This year the 2nd International Conference on Virtual Patients joined forces with the MedBiquitous Annual Conference to explore how virtual patients, eLearning resources and web ...

Authors: Ms Valerie Smothers; Dr Chara Balasubramaniam; Ms Sian Owen;

Virutal patients: year 1

At the University of Southampton Medical School virtual patients are the key to delivering its patient centred curriculum. In year 1, the aim of the ...

Authors: Dr Sunhea Choi; Ms Alexandra Webb; Dr John Heyworth; Dr Farhad Golestani; Dr Sean Slaght;

Exploring the use of mobile learning in medical an healthcare education

This article summarises a study on exploring a different approach to traditional pedagogy by evaluating the use of mobile learning in medical and healthcare education.

Authors: Dr Narain Ramluchumun; Dr Supriya Krishnan; Dr Chara Balasubramaniam; Dr Terry Poulton;

Generation 4 (G4): curriculum transformation using virtual patients

G4 is a JISC-funded project, under the Transforming Curriculum Delivery strand. G4 will replace paper problem-based learning (PBL) cases with online interactive virtual patient (VP ...

Authors: Ms Trupti Bakrania; Dr Terry Poulton; Dr Sheetal Kavia; Ms Emily Conradi; Prof. Sean Hilton;

mEducator: multi type content repurposing and sharing in medical education

mEducator's project plan is of high complexity including interdependencies between its different subtasks. In order to accomplish the aforementioned objectives thefollowing methodology is being ...

Authors: Ms Evangelia Mitsopoulou; Mr Luke Woodham; Dr Chara Balasubramaniam; Dr Terry Poulton; Mr Aristidis Protopsaltis; Mr Stefan Dietze;

Learning and teaching in the operating theatre

This project brings together clinical and non-clinical researchers to map the operating theatre (OT) as a multi-professional site of teaching and learning. Alongside the observation ...

Authors: Dr Jeff Bezemer; Ms Alexandra Cope; Dr Roger Kneebone; Prof. Gunther Kress;

An update on the Gateway students at the Royal Veterinary College

In September 2005, the Royal Veterinary College welcomed the first group of students on the Widening Participation Gateway course which has been a huge success ...

Authors: Ms Belinda Yamagishi; Ms Stephanie Edwards;

Early clinical experience through LOCS

The graduate entry programme in medicine started in 2004 as collaboration between Cardiff and Swansea Universities. The first two years are based at Swansea University ...

Authors: Dr Aidan Byrne; Ms Jane Terret; Ms Jess Griffiths; Dr Steve Allen;

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